CWCO Pitch Sessions

About the Pitch Sessions

Pitch Sessions are February 22-26.
Specific times/dates to be announced

As with every CWCO, we are offering you the chance to pitch your ready manuscripts to publishers of both secular and Catholic fiction and non-fiction.

Please read! In order to make the pitch sessions a productive experience for everyone, we ask the following of our writers:

DO NOT register to pitch a book that has been published in the past (including self-published).

  1. Pitch session opportunities are free for registered attendees – but we limit you to one title per publisher. (i.e., you cannot pitch the same book to multiple publishers)
  2. If you cannot attend the conference, we may take people on an alternate list. Contact if you are interested. There will be a $10 pitch fee. You must still attend the pitch session itself.
  3. All pitched fiction must be complete and submission ready.
  4. All pitched non-fiction should have a book proposal prepared.
  5. You MUST read and FOLLOW publisher guidelines. The #1 reason for being rejected is that you are not pitching the kind of book they are interested in. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
  6. Pitch sessions are held in webinar or chat format, as the publisher prefers. Please have a 150-word pitch ready for pasting. You may also want to write short (100-word or less) answers to common questions like qualifications, character, theme, marketing, etc.

Publishers and Guidelines

If you have registered for the conference, you can pitch. Find the instructions, schedule, and publisher guidelines by clicking here.



Schedule: To be announced

All times are Eastern (New York)

Monday Feb 22

  • TBA

Tuesday, Feb 23

  • TBA

Wednesday, Feb 24

  • TBA

Thursday, Feb 25

  • TBA

Friday, Feb 26

  • TBA
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