Our History

The Catholic Writers Guild began in 2007 with about 30 members: writers that came together in an online forum to help each other with writing, marketing, and support. In August 2009, we ran the first Catholic Writers Conference Live in Somerset, NJ as well as the first Catholic Writers Conference Online.

That first online conference took place through an online forum and chat room, and it included 47 presentations--more than the number of members just 2 years before!

Now, a decade later, our online conference has moved to video conferencing and our live program continues going strong. We have hundreds of members, including both laypeople and religious. Our members are writers, illustrators, teachers, editors, publishers.. and just fans of great writing. And while we're mostly USA-based, we also have members in Canada, Mexico, Trinidad, UK, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, and Australia.


KARINA FABIAN is a founding member of the Guild. By day, she writes how-to articles and product reviews for business magazines. In her off hours, she writes about a dragon detective working for the Church, Star-Trek parody adventures, and nuns who work in space. Her joys in life are to entertain readers and help writers grow.

Vice President

RYAN McCARTY is an attorney who practices in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. He is the founder of and principal at Becket More, a business and legal consulting firm purposed to counteract government overreach. He is also the Executive Director of Beatific Vision, a nonprofit film and media apostolate pursuing a “new evangelization” through cinema and dramatic storytelling. He writes fiction, poetry, and screenplays in what spare time he can find. Most notably, however, Ryan is a husband and father of seven. As a home educator along with his wife, Karolyn, he delights in imparting to his children his own love for the written word.


MICHAEL SHELTON primarily writes YA science fiction for secular audiences. He's married with four kids, and he is excited to help fellow Catholics grow in their skills and extend the Kingdom.


CESAR CHACON is a father of three and has worked in the banking and finance industries for almost 20 years. He recently finished the first draft for his first Science Fiction series. He is a big believer in the need to bring the Catholic Literature of our authors to a world that needs it.

Committee Coordinator

PATRICE FAGNANT-MacARTHUR has worked as a Catholic writer and editor for over 15 years and has been a member of the Catholic Writers Guild since it began. She has previously served on the Seal of Approval committee and as a Catholic Arts and Letters Award judge.

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