Catholic Arts and Letters Award

The Catholic Arts and Letters Award honors outstanding achievement in Catholic literature.

Also known as the “Lily Awards” or “Lilies”, the CALA for Fiction recognizes works of Catholic fiction that merit distinction. The CALA for Excellence in Achievement recognize individuals who have shown distinction in how they have furthered the growth of Catholic Arts and Letters.


CALA Application

The CALAs for fiction are biennial awards. Due to programming changes in 2020, the next award has been moved to 2021 and will include an additional year of titles. The next application will open in January 2021.

All applicants must:

  • have a Seal of Approval or imprimatur
  • be published between October 2017 and December 2020
  • not have been submitted to a previous CALA contest

Fees are $30 for CWG members (per submission) or $50 for non-members.

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