Critique Sessions

Fiction critique workshop #1

Tuesday, July 31, 3pm

Join Michelle Buckman and Karina Fabian as they offer personal critiques in an open forum.

If the thought of having your manuscript critiqued in front others gives you the willies, no problem. Through a Power Point presentation, writer/editors and longtime buddies Michelle Buckman and Karina Fabian will share their professional revision suggestions on 750 words of the first eight submissions they receive. Participants will have the benefit of two different - and possibly opposing - points of view. All other attendees will learn from watching the eight submissions being shredded...uh, critiqued. (Kidding - we’ll be kind, but honest.)

The eight manuscript authors will receive written notes after the critique and will be invited to join Michelle and Karina in the lobby that evening for a more personal Q&A session. 

Submitting authors need to register for the event and send their submissions by July 1. Approx 750 words. Fiction, any genre. Email submissions as Word attachments to Michelle Buckman with subject line CWG SESSION SUBMISSION. 

Anyone can attend, but only the first eight submissions will be critiqued.

Non-fiction critique workshop

Tuesday, July 31, 3pm

Always wondered what a critique group was like? In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn to critique the manuscripts of other participants and receive a critique of their submission. They will learn how to give and receive a critique. Both experienced and novice writers have valuable input for the other writers around the table.

Participants submit their 10-page double-spaced manuscripts to Nancy Ward by July 8. Each participant will receive two manuscripts after registration closes and must bring those manuscripts, with critiques, to the workshop.

Fiction Critique Workshop #2

Friday, August 3, 9am

CALA winner Arthur Powers leads a group critique of 10 pages of your work. Limited to six participants.

Participants should email up to 10 pages (double-spaced) of fiction to Arthur Powers by June 30. Each participant will receive by July 10 all participants' submissions and should be ready to discuss them in the workshop.

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