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As of Sept 3, 2018

5 Ways to Structure Your Story: A.R.K. Watson conducts a verbal walkthrough of Save The Cat, The 3 Act Structure, Hague's 6 Stages, and the MICE quotient as well as a discussion of the importance of tropes and audience expectation.

Beyond Showing: The Art of Immersive Writing with Karen Ullo: Every writing workshop teaches "Show, don't tell." But how do you move beyond showing to create genuinely immersive writing that makes your readers "get lost" in your book? What else do you need? This presentation will provide an overview of more advanced techniques to move your writing from good to great.

Brand Ambassadors for Christ – How to Market Yourself and God with Emily Ricci: This talk discusses marketing from a Catholic perspective. It covers how Catholic marketing is different than regular marketing, the correlations between marketing and evangelization, the 4 P's of Catholic marketing (a play off of the 4 P's of traditional marketing), and practical marketing tips for Catholic authors. We'll look at marketing via social media, advertising, networking, website, and branding, etc through the lens of evangelization.

Book Proposal Basics with Sarah Reinhard: Nonfiction books depend on a strong proposal. In this beginners-level workshop, OSV content network manager Sarah Reinhard will cover the essentials: what you need to put into a proposal, how to find the information you need, and how to fill in the blanks when you may not have a lot of information. Proposals include a summary of the book, a chapter outline or summary, audience analysis and competition, why you are the person to write the book, and your marketing plan.

Breaking Through in Life and Art with Lisa Mladinich: Are you living intentionally and impactfully? Does your creative work express your authentic self? In this prayerful, interactive workshop, Lisa Mladinich will introduce coaching techniques that unleash creativity and accelerate personal freedom, growth, and achievement. "Breaking Through" will help attendees discover within themselves the clarity and momentum needed to pursue their most fulfilling lives. NOTE: If there is interest post-conference, Lisa will offer ongoing group sessions once or twice monthly on the CWG webinar platform, at greatly reduced rates.

Characterization with Leslie Lynch: Character-focused author Leslie Lynch discusses the basics of creating compelling characters.

Freelance Success Panel with Dennis McGeehan, Natalie Morrill (Dappled Things), Sherry Antonetti (other panelists TBA): This panel discusses how to be a successful freelancer - finding markets, impressing editors, and actually getting paid for our words. 

Hope for the Hurting: A Witness Through Writing with Jeannie Ewing, Virginia Pillars, Laura Lowder, and Dr. Peter Resweber: They were faced with challenges they never anticipated: Jeannie Ewing has two daughters with special needs; Virginia Pillars has a family member with a severe mental illness; Laura Lowder discovered her husband is gay.  But God has taken their experiences and used them not only to draw these women closer to Himself, but also to help others – and He can use yours, too. Join Jeanie, Virginia, and Laura as they discuss how God used their sufferings to reveal to them their vocation as writers.

How to Pitch Your Book with Ann Lewis and Karina Fabian: We’ll cover the basics of pitching, the procedures for the online conference and look at your elevator pitches as there’s time.

Introduction to Indie Publishing: From Discernment to Hitting "Publish" with Jane Lebak: Back by popular demand, Indie publisher Jane Lebak gives you the straight scoop on self-publishing. This class covers the basics.

Indie Publishing: Beyond the Basics with Jane Lebak: Back by popular demand, Indie publisher Jane Lebak gives you the straight scoop on self-publishing. This is an intermediate level class.

Key Components of a Good Story with Ann Lewis: A well-told story needs specific elements to make it a story. All stories need characters, plot, conflict, etc. But what do these simple elements need to make them special and to give them more impact? What else can you add to your story to make it not just a story but a good one?

Marketing and Branding Tips with Ryan Dellacrosse: Want to hear how the pros do it? Ryan is founder of the Catholic Marketing firm, Fuzoli, which does marketing for Catholic organizations. He's going to share his wisdom on all things marketing.

Moving Covers and How To Create Them with Dawn Grimes: Crazy, or the next Big Thing? Cover artist and graphic designer Dawn Grimes talks about the latest in book covers - covers that move!

New Strategies to Maximize Book Distribution with Cathy Gilmore: The Title Match faceoff between CreateSpace and Ingram Spark, and so much more. (This is a revisit of Cathy’s popular presentation from the summer CWG Live Conference for folks who couldn’t experience it then.)

Plotting Your Novel the Screenwriting Way with A.J. Cattapan: In this session, we’ll learn how to use screenwriting techniques to structure the plot of our novels. Using Blake Snyder’s seminal work Save the Cat as a guide, we’ll look at the key elements of a well-structured story that keeps the reader wanting to turn the page. We’ll discuss how you can adjust Snyder’s technique to your genre and your desired book length.

Self-Editing with Michelle Buckman: What should you look for as you work through your final manuscript revisions? This workshop will give the details of what an editor looks for at all levels of a manuscript critique, from sentence structure to overall presentation. NOT BEING RECORDED.

Selling Yourself Through Social Media Marketing with Sherry Hayes-Peirce: This social media strategist gives a lecture on the basics of using social media to create a platform.

The Conundrum of the Catholic Novel with Eleanor Bourg Nicholson: What does it mean to be a Catholic and a novelist? The history of the novel (especially in English) has a complicated and often conflicted relationship with Catholicism. What does that look like, lived out in your own writing? Is there a special task for the Catholic novelist today?

Truth in Fiction with Joseph Pearce: Teaching without Preaching in Narrative Literature.

Turning Life into Fiction with Carmela Martino: Translating real life into compelling fiction can be a challenge—it often requires letting go of “what really happened” in favor of what best serves the story. In this presentation, I’ll discuss some typical problems writers face when fictionalizing true events and how to overcome them.

Writing for Children with Karen Kelly Boyce: The first half of the class includes a short history of children's books. The different genres for children with expected work counts, verbiage, and designs. The different types of picture books, early readers, chapter books, and Hi-Lo readers. The designs and requirements for middle-grade books and young adult books with examples. Books and websites that guide children's book authors with appropriate vocabulary for certain ages will be shared. The second half of the class discusses The five standard characters of children's literature and the importance of developing characters first. Creating a storyboard. Deciding if you can be your own illustrator or how to find an artist.

Worldbuilding 101 with Karina Fabian: We all love to read about vivid, lively worlds, but writing them can seem like a challenge. What do I consider? Where do I research? What should I include? This course will cover the major aspects of worldbuilding, then talk about how to put it together and show, not tell about, your world in your story.

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