Local Chapters

CWG Affiliates

North Carolina Chapter of the Catholic Writers Guild

Contact: Laura Lowder laura.lowder (at) gmail.com

St. Johns Chapter of the CWG (Florida)

Contact: Tony Kolenc tony (at) antonykolenc.com

Friends of the CWG

These local organizations are not official affiliates of the Catholic Writers Guild. We provide these links as a courtesy to introduce you to other great local writers groups.

Catholic Writers of Long Island
Contact: Lisa Mladinich lisa (at) mladinich.com

Catholic Writers of St. Louis
Contact: Cathy Gilmore catherinecgilmore (at) outlook.com

Dallas-Fort Worth Catholic Writers Group
Contact: Nancy Ward editor (at) joyalive.net

Pennsylvania Catholic Writers (forming)
Contact: Beth Racine

The Central Jersey Chapter of the Catholic Writers Guild
Contact: Karen Kelly Boyce

Houston Catholic Writers Guild
Contact: Alyssa Waston

West Coast Catholic Writers (forming)
Contact: Karl Erikson

Start a Chapter

Want to start a chapter in your area? Simply download our chapter kit, find a bunch of Catholic writer friends, and get started!

If you have questions, contact us at chapters@catholicwritersguild.com

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