Non-fiction Workshop Registration

The NonFiction Critique Workshop provides a hands-on critiquing experience, which begins before the conference as participants critique one another’s short manuscripts as assigned. At CWCL, they exchange feedback around the conference table, functioning as a critique group.

The priceless experience of working in the environment of a community of writers awaits those who attend this workshop. The attendees submit a short manuscript before the conference to be critiqued by another member of the workshop. In turn, each participant is assigned to critique another’s short manuscript, following the guidelines on how to give and receive critiques.

They bring the manuscript they have critiqued to the workshop and interact with the group. They learn how a critique group works, the importance of reciprocation, how to give and receive critiques, their writing strengths and weakness, and why writers need critiques. They are to motivated to seek out a critique partner or a critique group in their locale or establish a critique group with the confidence gained at CWCL.

Space is limited, and attendance is open to CWCL ticket holders.

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