CWCO 2018 (Sept 14-16) Registration Will Open in 2018

CWCO 2018 is scheduled for September 14-16!

Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • A greater emphasis on how our faith informs our writing. We have speakers who will discuss writing as a Calling, literature as evangelization, and even how genre fiction like horror and science fiction can still reflect our Catholic values.
  • Practical advice and tips you can put to work immediately. From managing your time to reconstructing your plot, developing great characters to building your social media presence, our experienced and well-published presenters share their best practices.
  • Webinar format that incorporates audio and visuals. It’s easy – if you can handle Skype or Facetime, you can do this! Or call in to listen to the presentations if your internet is slow. (Don’t worry, there’s still chat available for talking or “passing notes.”) 
  • Networking. We've built in time each year for open chat, sharing links and books, even reading and on-the-fly critique.
  • Recordings! We’ll have recordings of each session available free for attendees.
  • Pitch Sessions. We recruit publishers of Catholic and secular media to hear pitches from authors with manuscripts ready to submit!

Every time we’ve held the CWCO, writers leave inspired and enabled…many end up with publishing contracts within the year. This past year, we've already had 10 percent of those who pitched end up with a contract! Are you ready to take your writing to the next level?

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Why CWCO? A note from the founder, Karina Fabian

In 2007, I attended my first writing conference. What an experience! I sharpened my skills as a writer and was introduced to the then-new world of internet marketing. I sold my first novel to a small press publisher. I – an introvert who seldom socialized – attended a party and laughed for hours. To top it all off, I made connections that have pushed my publishing career forward and made friends that I can still depend upon for help or companionship.

But the most amazing thing? The conference was completely online!

Have you ever wished you could attend a conference, learn from the writers who had been there, done that and succeeded, meet publishers and make friends who identify with your passion for words?

Have you ever had to push that dream aside because live conferences don’t work for you? They may be too expensive, involve travel that takes you away from work or family…or maybe it’s too far beyond your comfort zone to talk to complete strangers.

I’ve been there. I know how much easier it is to correspond, where I can think about my responses and not whether I’ve spilled something on my shirt or if my face “looks wrong.” That first online conference changed my life and career.

Maybe you’ve been interested in a conference but hesitated because what you really want is to meet authors and publishers who speak the same faith language as you?

The Catholic Writers Guild has the answer for you: The Catholic Writers Conference Online!

Not only will we bring you excellent workshops on writing and marketing fiction and nonfiction, but we will do it with a Catholic angle, including theology, prayer, and fellowship that is uniquely for our faith.

Our 2018 CWCO is coming September 14-16 with webinar presentations. If you can watch YouTube or use a chat like Facebook Messenger, then you have all the skills you need to participate. We have presenters covering all aspects of writing, faith and literature.

I’ve gotten so much from online writing conferences. I hope you will, too. Use the buttons above for registering or sign up for more information using the form on the upper right. We hope to see you there!

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Sponsor the CWCO

Do you have a business related to Catholic education or writing and want to reach an active, interested audience? The Catholic Writers Guild is looking for sponsors for its online conference. Your dollars would go first toward a membership for one writer to the conference, then toward expenses of the conference itself.

In return, we offer the following:

  1. Ad space on our website, to include a logo, a 2-line summary of your business and a link. This would stay up all year long.
  2. Your logo on the webinar room. It will be along the edges so it’s visible even when slides are being shown
  3. A special call-out thanks in email, which will include your logo, a 100-word summary and a link, to go to all attendees, the CWG members and interested parties – about 1000 recipients.

We are charging $40 for one, $65 for two, and $80 for all three. Conference admission is $40/person for non-members, so you would be providing at least one scholarship for a writer with financial hardships.

Please let us know if you have any questions. If you’re ready to buy, just reply to me with what you’d like to purchase, the formal company name, the 2-line and/or 100-word write up, and the logo. For a logo, we’d need about 150×150 size, 300dpi. (I can resize as long as it’s not too small or too large.) Please send it in .jpg or .png. 


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