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Publishers and Guidelines

As of Aug 11, 2018

TBC means the publisher has expressed interest but provided official confirmation)

Aniah Surge: (Surge Imprint is looking for Contemporary, Fantasy, Dystopian and Historical Fiction only) Anaiah Press’s mission is to share the message of God’s love by publishing quality, Christian fiction and nonfiction books that inspire, entertain, and educate readers of all ages. Check Guidelines at https://www.anaiahpress.com/submissions. FICTION

Ave Maria (TBC): A major Catholic book publisher and still under the ownership of the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Ave Maria Press is home to Sorin Books, Forest of Peace, and Christian Classics. It perpetuates Fr. Sorin's vision to honor Mary and provides an important outlet for good Catholic writing. Ave Maria is also recognized as a leader in publishing Catholic high school religion textbooks, ministry resources, and books on prayer and spirituality. https://www.avemariapress.com/manuscript-submissions/ NONFICTION, SOME FICTION

Liberty Island: We will be publishing some new submission guidelines soon. For this conference, attendees should know a few things about what we're looking for. First, to get a feel for the kinds of titles we publish, see our catalog - https://libertyislandmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/LI-June-Catalog-2018.pdf.  While we will consider literary submissions we are primarily interested in genre series -- science fiction, fantasy, thriller, mystery, detective, etc. We have more of a paperback/pulp fiction mentality rather than high-brow, literary ambitions. We are also a "counterculture conservative" publisher, here's what that means: https://libertyislandmag.com/our-mission/. FICTION

Marian Press: We publish only the best titles on Divine Mercy and Mary, including the spiritual classic Divine Mercy in My Soul: Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, and Marian-authored books by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, and Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC. Visit http://shopmercy.org. NONFICTION

Superviersive Press: Superversive Press is a small publisher aiming to make fiction Superversive again. Superversive fiction is fiction that uplifts and ennobles the reader. Heroic tales of virtuous people triumphing over evil. Superversive Press is looking for ennobling and uplifting tales of heroism and the triumph of good over evil. We publish across all genres though so far we have tended towards Science Fiction and Fantasy. Many of our authors are Catholics and nearly all of them are Christians of one sort of another. FICTION

Vinspire: Dawn Carrington has been the editor-in-chief of Vinspire Publishing, a publisher of family-friendly books, for fifteen years. A published author of over fifty titles ranging from romantic suspense to historical romance, she has also been a civil litigation paralegal for thirty years.https://www.vinspirepublishing.com/submissions (Although it says submissions open Oct 1 only, they are hearing pitches.) FICTION

About the Pitch Sessions

Pitch Sessions are evenings September 17-21.
Stay tuned for the schedule.

As with every CWCO, we are offering you the chance to pitch your ready manuscripts to publishers of both secular and Catholic fiction and non-fiction.

Please read! In order to make the pitch sessions a productive experience for everyone, we ask the following of our writers:

  1. Pitch session opportunities are free for registered attendees – but we limit you to one title per publisher. (i.e., you cannot pitch the same book to multiple publishers)
  2. If you cannot attend the conference, we may take people on an alternate list. Contact cwgonlinecon@catholicwritersguild.com if you are interested. There will be a $10 pitch fee.
  3. All pitched fiction must be complete and submission ready.
  4. All pitched non-fiction should have a book proposal prepared.
  5. You MUST read and FOLLOW guidelines. The #1 reason for being rejected is that you are not pitching the kind of book they are interested in. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
  6. Pitch sessions are held in webinar or chat format, as the publisher prefers. Please have a 150-word pitch ready for pasting. You may also want to write short (100-word or less) answers to common questions like qualifications, character, theme, marketing, etc.

We’ll have a list of publishers and their guidelines soon.

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