Session Proposal

Thank you for your interest in giving a presentation at this year's Catholic Writers Conference Live, July 31-August 1 in Lancaster, PA. Please complete the form below with information about your proposed session. This form must be completed and submitted no later than Friday, March 30.

We will be in touch by April 30, 2018 as to whether or not we can include your presentation in this year’s CWCL.

Please direct any questions to Conference Chair Erin McCole Cupp.

If we are unable to fit this presentation into a 45 minute slot at this year’s Catholic Writers Conference Live, would you consider:

  • Our "Luke 24:14" format: a series of short presentations, where each presenter gets 24 seconds per slide, 14 slides, for a total of 5m36s.
  • A future CWG webinar, delivered live online and recorded
  • Meals with Mentors: a new feature where experienced Guild members meet with interested participants over a meal during CWCL and discuss a topic within their area of expertise.

If applicable, please list your co-presenters:

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