SOA Recipients

You may incorporate the Seal of Approval into your cover art, as long as you do not change the content of the book in a way that might violate the intent of the award.

Right now, CWG members are allowed to submit contracted manuscripts for the SoA, so that, if awarded, they may incorporate the seal into their design.

Recipients of the SoA will receive 25 sticker seals, and jpgs of the seal in color and grayscale for use in cover art or on their website. If you have not received your seals or need a copy of the JPG, please Contact Us.

Seal Orders

You can order extra seals in groups of 25. The price is currently $10.00 per 25.

To order physical seals for your books, please visit the Seal of Approval Orders page.

To order by mail, send a check (payable to Catholic Writers Guild) to: PO Box 39326, Indianapolis, IN 46239.


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