Writing Workshops

Fiction Workshop with Leslie Lynch

Tuesday, July 30, 2pm - 4pm  REGISTER

This supportive workshop is open to writers of all genres and at any level of experience. Limited to six participants, the two-hour session will allow for in-depth discussion of each person's work, focusing on strengths of each piece along with constructive suggestions for improvement.

Each participant will email 3, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12, pages to the facilitator by July 15.

Each participant will conduct a thorough, constructive critique of another's work prior to CWG Live. (If you are new to critique, don't worry; more detailed instructions will be provided upon registration.) Revisions are encouraged, and an optional followup meeting to celebrate writerly growth will be determined at the workshop.

Limit: 6 participants

Fiction Mentoring with Arthur Powers

Scheduled Individually  CLOSED

Arthur Powers will be meeting with and mentoring writers of literary fiction at CWCL. Arthur (www.arthurpowers.com) is author of The Book of Jotham (Tuscany Press, 2013) - winner of the 2012 Tuscany Novella Prize, A Hero for the People (Press 53, 2013) - winner of the 2014 Catholic Arts & Letters Award, and Padre Raimundo's Army (Wiseblood Books, 2020), as well as two volumes of poetry.

Limit: 10 participants

Nonfiction Critique Workshop with Nancy Ward

Tuesday, July 30, 2pm - 4pm  REGISTER

The Non-Fiction Critique Workshop provides a hands-on critiquing experience, which begins before the conference as participants critique one another’s short manuscripts as assigned. At CWCL, they exchange feedback around the conference table, functioning as a critique group.

The priceless experience of working in the environment of a community of writers awaits those who attend this workshop. The attendees submit a short manuscript before the conference to be critiqued by another member of the workshop. In turn, each participant is assigned to critique another’s short manuscript, following the guidelines on how to give and receive critiques.

They bring the manuscript they have critiqued to the workshop and interact with the group. They learn how a critique group works, the importance of reciprocation, how to give and receive critiques, their writing strengths and weakness, and why writers need critiques. They are to motivated to seek out a critique partner or a critique group in their locale or establish a critique group with the confidence gained at CWCL.

Limit: 8 participants

Poetry Workshop with Arthur Powers

Friday, August 2, 10am - 11:30am  CLOSED

Poetry can be written for many reasons: reflection, therapy, devotion, artistic expression. The type of writing varies in accordance with the poet's purpose, but one thing all poets share - a concern with and consciousness of language. Our poetry workshop is open to all who write and who want to express the sometimes almost inexpressible in the best way they can.

Limit: 9 participants

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