Children's Titles


A Christmas Story with St. Joseph, Geri Guadagno
A Pilgrim's Crux, Timothy Neboyskey
A Star in the Night, Jennifer Gladen
a.k.a. Genius, Marilee Haynes
Angel Donor, Jennifer Gladen
Angel or Not? Angel for Sure!, Lori Diez
Anna Mei, Blessing in Disguise, Carol A. Grund
Bella's Beautiful Miracle, Kimberly Novak
Belt of Truth, Theresa Linden
Black as Night (Book 2 of the Fairy Tale Novels), Regina Doman
Boots of Peace, Theresa Linden
Bread Upon The Water, Deanna Klingel
Breastplate of Righteousness, Theresa Linden
Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children: Food Celebrations with the Saints for Home and School , Colleen Rooney
Cretaceous Clay & The Black Dwarf, Dana Alan Knight
Cretaceous Clay and the Ninth Ring, Alan Brooks (D.A. Knight)
Dear God I Don’t Get It, Patti Maguire Armstrong
Deception in December, Doreen McAvoy
God's Precious Gift: A Special Needs Child, Colleen Keefe Faul
Giorgio's Miracle, Laurie Schmitt
God Made the Moonlight, Erin Broestl
Heavenly Hosts, Kathryn Swegart
Helmet of Salvation, Theresa Linden
Hiding the Stranger: The Trilogy, Joan L. Kelly
I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For and Give, Nicole Lataif
I'm Bernadette! , Emily Grace Ortega
Kiss Me Goodnight, Maurice Prater
Lucia of Fatima, Kathryn Swegart
Martyrs, Kathryn Swegart
Miraculous! Catholic Mysteries for Kids, Kathryn Swegart
Molly McBride and the Party Invitation, Jeanie Egolf
Molly McBride and the Plaid Jumper, Jeanie Egolf
Mrs. McGillicuddy and Her Friend Mr. Rude, Denise Jackson
Murder at Penwood Manor, Antony B. Kolenc
Olivia and the Little Way, Nancy Carabio Belanger
Olivia's Gift, Nancy Carabio Belanger
On Angel's Wings, Rosemary Kuhn
One More Dance with Grandma, Mary Lou Rosien
Our Treasure, Michele Elena Bondi
Perilous Days, Kathyrn Swegart
Saint Clare and Her Cat, Dessi Jackson
Saint Joseph: The Foster-Father Saint, Maria Riley
Saint Therese: The Sleeping Saint, Maria Riley
Santa’s Secret Story, Cornelia Mary Bilinsky
Secrets in September, Doreen McAvoy
Seven Riddles to Nowhere, Amy Cattapan
Shadow in the Dark, Antony Barone Kolenc
Shield of Faith, Theresa Linden
Sister Aloysius Arrives at Our Lady of Sorrows, Linda Etchison
Sister Aloysius Comes to Mercyville, Linda Etchison
Sister Aloysius Gets Ready for the First Day of School, Linda Etchison
Sister Aloysius Says Pray, Pray, Pray, Linda Etchison
Sisters of the Last Straw Book 2: The Case of the Vanishing Novice, Karen Kelly Boyce
Sisters of the Last Straw: The Case of the Haunted Chapel, Karen Kelly Boyce
Sisters of the Last Straw: The Case of the Stolen Rosaries, Karen Kelly Boyce
Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes, Lawrence Peterson
The Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience, Virginia Lieto
The Chestertons and the Golden Key, Nancy Carpentier Brown
The Father Brown Reader: Stories from Chesterton, Nancy Carpentier Brown
The Fire of Eden, Antony Barone Kolenc
The Gate, Nancy Carabio Belanger
The Haunted Cathedral, Antony Barone Kolenc
The Hungry Kitten's Tale, Elizabeth Fust
The King’s Gambit, John McNichol
The Locket's Secret, Kara Heyne
The Merchant's Curse, Antony Barone Kolenc
The Midnight Dancers (Book 4 of the Fairy Tale Novels), Regina Doman
The Monks' Daily Bread, Sylvia Dorham and Christopher Tupa
The Other Side of Christmas, Beth Gully
The Other Side of Easter, Beth Gully
The Priest and the Peaches, Larry Peterson
The Rainbow with Dull Colors, Jessica Johnston
The Reluctant Knight, Joan L. Kelly
The River of Life, Diana Tabbaa
The Shadow of the Bear (Book 1 of the Fairy Tale Novels), Regina Doman
The Story of Job, Regina Doman
The Treasure with a Face, Janeen Zaio
The Tree of Healing, Diana Gonzalez Tabbaa
The Younger Days, Mike Hays
Traveling to Bethlehem, Pam Blake-Virostko
Tristan's Travels, Karl Bjorn Erickson
Waking Rose (Book 3 of the Fairy Tale Novels), Regina Doman
Wooly and the Good Shepherd, Elizabeth Fust

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