Welcome to the Catholic Writers Guild!

Welcome to the Catholic Writers Guild! We are so happy you've joined us.

The world needs you, and it needs what you were made to create. No one shares your unique experience. Though we explore the same themes and share similar experiences, each of us approaches the world in a unique manner. This diversity of expression reflects God's infinite creativity and, as men and women created in His image, we bring His goodness to the world when we use our unique gifts to glorify Him.

I hope you will take advantage of the Guild's opportunities to grow creatively and to connect with other writers. The camaraderie and support the Guild offers is one of its greatest assets.

If you have any questions along the way, please contact me at [email protected].

In Christ,

Carolyn Astfalk
Catholic Writers Guild President

Things to do

1) Bookmark this page if you can't do everything at once. (We have a lot to do!)

2) Sign up for Guild News, including our monthly newsletter. Our monthly email will alert you to upcoming activities, volunteer opportunities, and members' events.

3) Explore our website more: http://catholicwritersguild.com.

If your account is awaiting approval (paid by check, clergy/religious), you will have access to members-only after approval.

4) Join our very active, members' Facebook group. This is a “secret” group open only to CWG members. Learn more at our Members' Facebook Group page.

5) Like our public page. The private group, above, is distinct from the Catholic Writers Guild Fan page.  The Fan Page is open to the public, and you only need to “like” the page to join.

6) Check out the Catholic Writers Guild Blog. In addition to reports on Guild activities, you'll find posts from our talented members on inspiration, writing, and Catholic life.

7) Come chat with us! We hold a members-only chat every Sunday evening, starting a 9pm EST. You'll find the link to our chat room on our website, under Events.

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