Seal of Approval

The purpose of the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval is to help Catholic bookstores and venues in their determination of the Catholicity of a work. This reassurance from a professional organization can assist authors in marketing and promoting their works. Books are also judged by their editorial integrity as well. Books that are not professionally edited or publication-ready are not eligible the Seal of Approval.

Authors looking to reach a Catholic audience, but whose books do not qualify for an imprimatur (like fiction), or authors who do not have access to the process to get an Imprimatur, can submit their book for the SoA. It provides a tangible reassurance to readers and bookstore owners that the book does support Catholic beliefs and values; and in the case that it does not, it gives the author some useful feedback.

Readers can be assured that SoA books will not offend their faith and have a certain level of editorial quality.

Store owners can be assured that they can stock the book on their shelves, host the author for a signing, etc. without compromizing their appearance or mission as a faithful Catholic apostolate.

Seal of Approval Recipients

2017 Seal of Approval recipients

  • Playing By Heart, Carmela Martino

  • Fatima: The Apparition that Changed the World, Jean Heimann

  • The Light, Jacqueline Brown

  • The King's Prey, Susan Peek

  • Spokes, Deanna Klingel

  • Dying for Compassion, Dr. Barbara Golder

  • My Brother's Keeper, Bill Kassell

  • On Angel's Wings, Rosemary Kuhn

  • Roses for the Most High, Ron Smith

  • Rightfully Ours, Carolyn Perpetua Astfalk

  • Molly McBride and the Plaid Jumper, Jeanie Egolf

  • Heads Bowed, Lisa Mladinich

  • Joy-Filled Broken Heart, Mary Lou Rosien

  • Margo's Notebook & Diary, Corinna Turner

  • Seven Riddles to Nowhere, Amy Cattapan

  • Ornamental Graces, Carolyn Perpetua Astfalk

  • Someday, Corinna Turner

  • 6 Dates to Disaster, Cynthia Toney

  • An Unexpected Role, Leslea D. Wahl

  • Crusader King, Susan Peek

  • In the Footsteps of St. Therese, Teresita Ong

  • Battle for His Soul, Theresa Linden

  • Broken Brain, Fortified Faith, Virginia Pillars

2016 Seal of Approval recipients

  • The Three Most Wanted, Corinna Turner

  • Liberation, Corinna Turner

  • Bane's Eyes, Corinna Turner

  • Ten Steps to Girlfriend Status, Cynthia Toney

  • Faith and Life Planner, Sarah Hughes

  • The Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience, Virginia Lieto

  • Opal's Jubilee, Leslie Lynch

  • Falling As She Sings, CJ Sursum

  • The Tomb, A Novel of Martha, Stephanie Landsem

  • A Soldier Surrenders: The Conversion of St. Camillus de Lellis, Susan Peek

  • Twice Stolen, Suzanne Timpani

  • Roland West, Loner, Theresa Linden

  • After the Thaw, Therese Heckenkamp

  • Angelhood, A.J. Cattapan

  • Dying for Revenge, Barbara Golder

  • The Chestertons and the Golden Key, Nancy Carpentier Brown

  • Full Cycle, Christopher Blunt

  • Learning to Love with the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir, Jean Heimann

  • The Monks' Daily Bread, Sylvia Dorham and Christopher Tupa

  • Smallest Leaf: A Collection of Poetry, Lisa Toth Salinas

  • Specter, John Desjarlais

  • Discovery, Karina Fabian

  • The Perfect Blindside, Leslea D. Wahl

  • The Story of Job, Regina Doman

  • A Pilgrimage of Hope, Mary McCarthy

  • Oremus, Let Us Pray, Carole Whitty

  • The Other Side of Christmas, Beth Gully

  • The Locket's Secret, Kara Heyne

  • Life-Changing Love, Theresa Linden

Recipients by Year of Award

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  • Barb Szyszkiewicz, Forms Coordinator
  • Rebecca Willen, Results Coordinator
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